Roof Cleaners, Coating & Repairs in Buckinghamshire

Your home is an expensive purchase, so it is important that you protect and maintain the roof that protects you. We are receiving an increasing volume of  enquiries from homeowners in Buckinghamshire, who are looking to have their roof cleaned and sealed by a reliable and professional company to conserve their roof and restore it to its full potential.     

Initially, the roof will be pre-treated using one of our specialised fungicidal cleaners, to eradicate the years of contamination that has built up, such as moss, algae and lichen. The roof will then be jet washed using our powerful cleaning equipment; invested in for their reliable performance and the excellent results they achieve.

At this stage, we will focus on any roof repairs that need attention, re-point if necessary and replace any loose or damaged tiles. To complete the operation, we would recommend a sealer is then applied. The Smartseal quality roof coating that is used is 100% acrylic, allowing the tiles to flex with the cold and the heat, essential for the correct functioning of the roof tiles.

If the erection of a temporary scaffold is required to access particularly challenging roof lines then this will be installed a day or two prior to the main work of roof cleaning starting. If a tower scaffold or cherry picker is required to safely carry out the work then these will be arranged on the day. Find Out More

• Help prevent the reappearance of moss and algae on roof tiles.

• Helps the roof tiles to 'self-clean' so the roof looks like new for much longer.

• Stops damp areas formingon the roof as it will dry much quicker when non-porous.

• Original colouring of roof tiles is enhanced, especially with the roof sealer.

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• Replace any deteriorating mortar between crests, ridge and hip tiles.

• Re-pointing of lead flashing.

• Ridges and crests re-bedded.

• Damaged roof tiles replaced.

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